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The quality of products meet national Standards with European quality standards. The quality is guaranteed by the manufacturing technology and the quality control system of the pipes.
Manufacturing process of electric-welded pipes:
Rolled steel comes from the warehouse to the procurement site, where it is cut into strips on the longitudinal cutting unit (APR).
The resulting strips are transported to the unwinder, where they are sequentially welded and wound on a storage device.
Further, the strip from the storage device through the correct rollers is fed into a group of molding stands, where the strip is rolled into a round pipe.
The pipe through the block of welding rollers enters the zone of high-frequency welding, where the edges of the strip piled into the pipe are heated to the desired temperature and compressed into the seam cage, thus forming a strong weld along the entire tube billet.
The surface of the weld passes cleaning on the grabber, where with the help of a cutter removed the extra grate formed during welding. After that, the pipe is cooled, passing through the refrigerator, and enters the group of calibration stands.
At the calibration site, the geometric dimensions of the pipe are brought to the parameters determined by the technical conditions.
After calibration, the pipe enters the cutting zone, is cut to the required size along the length with the help of a "flying saw" and is transferred to the receiving roller for collection in the storage pockets.
In the storage pocket, the pipe is laid, packaged, weighed, passes quality control, certified and then transported to the finished product warehouse.
features and Benefits of our products
High resistance to static loads
High resistance to static loads
High resistance to static loads
High resistance to static loads
Quality of the electric welded pipes made according to requirements of GOST 8645-68 provide the widest scope of application of hardware. Our products are successfully used for the production of agricultural greenhouses, scaffolding, protective structures, balcony and stair railing, and other products that are in demand in household and professional activities.
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