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We can be proud of the accurate and fulfilled scheme of storage and shipment of our production. We deliver goods in a convenient way for you — by road or railway message.
Large volume of finished products
Shipment of rolled metal is carried out in the required volume and terms for Your company.
Fast shipment
Shops of shipment of finished products work daily from 8.00 to 21.00. Our advantage is the possibility of simultaneous loading of finished products of four heavy vehicles. Thanks to the automation of cranes, and experienced personnel, loading one machine with different pipe grades takes no more than two hours.
Product packaging
In order to avoid spoilage of the commodity form during transportation all products are Packed strapping of wooden bars. At the request of the client, the products can be wrapped with inhibitor paper and Packed in metal boxes.
Secure parking
For the convenience of customers who prefer to export products by their own vehicles, on the territory of the enterprise, there is a guarded Parking for heavy vehicles.
Control of shipment
In order to avoid spoilage of products before loading, all vehicles are checked for damage to the protective tent of the semi-trailer. If there is damage to the awning – shipment to this machine is not made.
Accurate calculation of load
Thanks to calculations and accurate weights, and the location of the cargo inside the semi-trailer during loading, we ship cars only with an acceptable axle load. Our customers and carriers can safely pass the points of weight control without fear of fines for "overload".
Own fleet
The company has its own fleet of vehicles that provide uninterrupted supply of products to customers on the most favorable terms.
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